Monday, March 26, 2012

Hungry For More - The Hunger Games Alternatives

Since I am aware that The Hunger Games is just a twist on Twilight and have no need to see either, these are my suggestions for movies that go for the jugular and pull no punches.

First there is The Tournament. Ving Rymes stars in this and it is action from the moment that it comes on. 30 of the World's Top Assassins kill one another to see who is the best. There were only 3 parts that I was like "Come on man really," but it was a dope movie.

Second, it's Battle Royale ! This is set in Japan. 9th Grade trouble maker kids of this certain school get send to an unknown island where they have 3 days to kill each other. The last on alive gets to leave the island. You learn about the kids pasts, troubles and relationships with one another. A few weird things though. The beginning of the movie has nothing to do with the movie at all. The role of the Teacher is pretty weird... his character seems deep but it gets lost in the goofiness of him. The tracking necklaces the children had, had microphones on them, but it seemed that sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn't. 42 only 1 can make it...kinda. Interesting movie. Gogo from Kill Bill was in this movie.



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