Monday, April 19, 2010


Saturday nights NBA playoff game between the Boston Celtics & the Miami Heat got intense when a hard foul was given to Paul Pierce that injured his shoulder. While his team mates were checking on him on the side and the ball wasn't in play a Miami Heat player (Quentin Richardson) came over and was saying something and Kevin Garnett gave him a courtesy "back off" light elbow push. Then another Miami player comes over and moves in closer on Kevin Garnett and if you turn around and one dude becomes two --- one of whom you basically told to beat it --- you would think "it's on" so Garnett throws a wild elbow to clear his space and he got outta there (something Paul Pierce shoulda did when he got stabbed couple years ago). When you really look at the footage it was that major and the rest of the commotion was caused by other team mates. So how and why did KG get ejected with on 40 secs to play and suspended for game 2???? Richardson was fined $25,000 which he probably keeps that much money in his change tray in his car, but he still gets to play game 2. I like KG b/c he has been in the league a long time and is finally getting to shine on a team that can actually win titles. He doesn't seem like that big of a jerk and he is always a little ignorant. You know like Mike Tyson ignorant. Where you never really know whats gonna happen but you know its gonna be a show!

"I'm Motherfuckin Certified" a quote from the poet Kevin Garnett


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