Monday, April 19, 2010


XS you're slippin! Once seen as a good food spot with good atmosphere, has drifted into an alright food spot with good atmosphere. The only thing I can really tolerate to eat are the Maple Chicken sausage (which are never exactly cooked as much as I'd like them to) and the Chocolate lasagna cake. The sushi has fallen off as I was told via Street Heat, and they seem to add new things to the menu but they just don't taste good. I had the Beef and Broccoli just to try to get something decent @ 12:30 AM on a Saturday night in Baltimore. I knew it was gonna be bad but got it anyway. I couldn't even eat it all! It was that bad! And I will damn there eat anything. They really need better food --- STEP YOUR FOOD GAME UP --- diversify the menu and actually make it good.

X'd Out



The Peat Marwick Experience said...

I think the recession may have hurt. That's one of my girl's fave spots to hit up and she said the EXACT same thing about the Sush. I'm not a sushi fan so I wouldn't know.

PenDragon said...

i've only had the sushi there a few times -- so i wouldnt be a good judge either. Thats what my homie and his girl says.

i think they are just coastin off the fact that the amosphere is cool and sadly nothing else is quick and open in that area late.