Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teairra Mari --- Tricking

Kicked off the ROC abandoned and left for dead, Teairra Mari is back with the Bucket Head anthem of the Spring "Sponsor." The funny thing is a couple years ago woman were so big on being "Independent" now they are all praising the high heavens saying " I know that's right," and looking for quote Sponsors themselves. Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy on a song together doesn't quite thrill me either. Neither are that lyrically interesting for me to devout my time to really listen to. DeAndre's videos of him throwing money at his friends was way better then any real music video that he has ever done. And 3/4's of the time I just can't decipher what the Guc is saying. BET is actually banning her video from being aired because they believe that it is showing girls the wrong types of behavior. Oh word! But at the end of 106 and Park there is a disclaimer that says they don't share the same views as the artists that are on the show. If that was true why the ban? Sure it's pretty much a song about whoring yourself and basic prostitution but no worse then half naked chicks in videos. It's no worse to me then Destiny Child's "Bills Bills Bills." BET picks odd times to have morals. Especially since she was kicked to the curb and bounced back at least show her some type of support. Mercy.

Whoop that Trick


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