Wednesday, April 14, 2010

O's Season has returned unfortunately

Come over here fellas come talk to me. You guys usually start off good and then start sucking, but this year you decide to skip the good part and go right to the part where you guys suck. 1-7 ???? 1-7??? You guys are the Detroit Lions of Baseball. I know why all the drunks go to the ball games...because that's the only way they can enjoy it. Every year people try to convince me that they have a talented ball club, but come on if talent can't win games than what does. They blame it on Peter Angelos, sure Pete doesn't give a damn about them but let's not blame him for the losses. Then a big deal about Adam Jones, then they run ads with him talking about he doesn't care about winning the Golden Gloves. Homie be happy you've won something because you def won't win anything here. Then an even BIGGER deal about Matt Wieters; sorry Matthew but your not the answer either. The Orioles haven't been good since I've been alive and that's pretty bad. Sorry sports fan looks like you guys weill be saying " wait til next season" again this season.

Batter Up



Peat said...

I'm not much a fan of the sport, but they obviously lack pitchers. They can't hold a lead.

I'm counting down to Raven season.

PenDragon said...

Yes sir. It should be an interesting season.