Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dead Man Running

This was a "oh yeah, I forgot about that" type movie. I heard 50 talk about it before, but never knew that it really came out. It's not bad at all. Not as good as Snatch, Layer Cake or Rock N Rolla, but its a good movie that keeps you interested in the story. 50 plays a Crime Boss that is feeling the crunch of the economy and has come to England to collect on his overseas debtors. Tamer Hassan (who is also in the new Clash of the Titans) plays Nick, who owes 50's character "Mr. Thigo" (weird ass name) $100,000 and must get it to him in 24 hours. So him and his homeboy Bing, rally to get the money before Mr. Thigo kills his mother. And let the money chase ensue. They go to a lot of different routes, gambling, drugs, fights, and contact hits to get the money. Thing is, Thigo is watching their every move. This is a good movie and the scenes between Nick's Mother and the dude paid to "watch" her are really good.

So Disrespectful


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