Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DRAKE - Over Music Video

ADG -- what you doing man?? You could either be the biggest artist in the last few years or an obscure artist that had all the potential in the world to be big. Remember Canibus?! I don't know who this kid has as an advisor but they are leading this guy astray I say. "Over" has already had its criticisms as being sort of lackluster as a 1st single from an artist with sooooo much hype around him. Then when I saw him speak about the video, it already sounded like it was going to be bad. Saying that it was a love story??? What's wrong with this guy? Do you wanna be known as the guy that makes chick songs? Fabolous just got out of that stigma kinda. LL never did.

"Best I Ever Had" video where he wanted to show his acting (umm you were on a friggen TV show for like 15 seasons) was one of those " I saw it once, I'm good" type of videos. A lot going on but nothing in particular that was interesting. "Successful" video ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ total snoozer. This kid writes lyrics that has all sorts of imagery in them, but when you see the video nothing is there. "Over" video, why are you sitting in a little girl's bedroom alone? Why do the effects look cheesy and why so many different projected images? It's like he is in a scene in The Poltergeist. Am I being brainwashed?

It seems like the classic case of "I'm going to do things completely different," but its so different that it doesn't relate. The song is so directional itself that if it was a regular video with a few twists it would have been perfect. He is trying to be Kanye "Flashing Lights" different but it's not translating. Him and The Minaj are hyped up so much and they are trying to be so different but their singles fall short not only of people's expectations, but just on a scale of being good. Dare to be different, but a good idea is a good idea and Drake needs a couple. The problem is though that he seems like those kinds of people that you can't tell "yo this is wack" b/c he will give you some long ass "we are the music, ghost of Hip-Hop future past" speech that'll leave you like "whatever homie." So, I think Drake's music will still be good and his videos will still be horrible, plain, and under the top. Plus these 2 random ass girls in the video can't even really brag about being in it. They are in it for like 2 shots and none are actual scenes with him.

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Peat said...

Okay, it was THAT bad!

It had it's moments, but yeah, a terrible video for what seemed so EASY!!! Like I'm doing meeeeee, i'm doing meeeeee!!! How simple is that!?

Anyway, dude, i don't want to 'drive' your blog, lol, but thanks!

PenDragon said...

Nawh its cool i was gonna touch on this anyway -- I didnt see the video until yesterday and was in disbelief that he keeps making bad videos.

Can it be that it was all so simple?? Drake is gonna make his career harder than it has to be. People already put him on a pedestal and he is stepping down with every bad move.