Sunday, April 11, 2010

ScholarMan - Hopes & Dreams

This is an excellently shot video for ScholarMan's song "Hopes & Dreams" off his album Free Spirit Of A Troubled Soul. Directed by Marques Green of QueFilms. I think its a great video until the end. They coulda saved the unrelated rooftop rap scene for something else.

Watch and Learn



Peat said...

Yeah yea, it's all good, GREAT shots, REALLY great shots, the director has a good eye, the chick in it is "regular chick" HOT! Not a huge fan of Scholarman though, he aiiiiiiight. The rooftop scene should have been a BANGER, though, you prolly would've dug it more.

Anywho, what are your thoughts on Drake's new clip?

PenDragon said...

Imma get to that DRAKE video in a sec.

But yeah I would like to see this on MTV jams its just a good video im not to sure i even listened to the song. But the direction is just GREAT!