Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kimbo Price??

Last nights loss for Kimbo Slice was a rip off. I don't agree with some rules in sports, in MMA the rule I disagree with is: if a fighter is knocked down and the other opponent is still throwing punches in about 5 seconds the fight can be over. After Kimbo's loss he pops right back up...and tells the fans the after party is still going on. If MMA wants to compete truly with Boxing I think they should put in some of the rules of Boxing...Really the only being a standing 10 count. If a fighter is knocked down in such a manner before calling the fight over at least give them a 10 count to get up and get together to show they can still fight. The cut Kimbo had on his eye was was barely bleeding. Had he had been giving a chance to have a 10 count I think the fight would have been better. And for EliteXC to try to prove itself to be a competitor in the field it has to be more consistent. The fights overall last night were boring. There were more plugs for CBS shows last night then for the fighters.
And I do believe that it was a cop out by EliteXC when Ken Shamrock "cut his eye sparring" on the day of the fight.?? Really. I think EliteXC got wind of people saying that Ken Shamrock was old and washed up, so they cut him from the program and threw in this dude who I don't even remember. Who is still heavy sparring on the day of the fight...literally hours before?? Ken Shamrock is more of a submission fighter anyway so he prob wasn't going toe to toe with Kimbo...the whole thing sounds fishy. I mean Moby Dick fishy...



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thevoice said...

The only fight worth watching was the white chick.
Kimbo was full of sh*t. He tipped his hand when he hit Blaine and Blaine was still standing.