Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dear Mr. President

Hey man sit down. Let's talk. Yeah yeah I know everybody hates those words but from me its good. Like the old Pac song said "I Ain't Mad At Cha." Nope not at all. See the problem is being the 1st Black President or the first Black anything for that matter is, you get the most blame in history. I mean you are still paying for all of George W's mistakes, but no one wants to talk about that. You tried to bring America up to par with the rest of the World with Health Care for all and were defeated in every step. You have agreed to bring home our Troops next year. You are trying to find an answer to meld a broken economy. If you raise taxes you're the devil, if you don't then you're not trying hard enough. Bombing Libya was a bit uncalled for but ehhhh.... people are getting killed left and right in Darfur and other places, you tried to right a wrong. People want to fight oppression only on paper. The minute you take action you get ostracized for it. The fact is, things like the Holocaust still occur within Africa and the Middle East. Now people get sad and outraged when you mention the Holocaust and how people were treated. But brown people are getting treated that exact same way yet (almost) nobody says or does anything.

Black people were undoubtedly your biggest supporters going in and now it seems that they have all turned on you. It's pretty turncoat if you ask me...and it sometimes makes me sad that my people lack the loyalty of other races....Take that comment however you'd like. I personally know people who voted for George W. Bush and still stand behind both his terms. It is disheartening that after not even completing a full term that African Americans are turning their backs on you. Even to the point that recently rapper Lupe Fiasco called you and every other President a terrorist. While bold I think that his words are foolish. I think people would love to live in a World that was conflict free but that is not the case. War and death are inevitable. Peace is a luxury. And though both statements are unfortunate that is the reality.

I cannot say that I condone every decision that you have made as President but who can say that they condone EVERY decision they ANYONE has made?? I don't even condone every decision that I have made. People just want a soapbox. People need to complain.

Donald Trump is a joke. Naysayers still naysay. And you're still the first Black guy in the Double O (Oval Office). I salute you Mr. President. Thank You.




BmoresVeryOwn said...

Damn homie, I almost forgot about your blog, I spend like all my time trolling the net for Bmore hip hop and related stuff.

Anyway, this is dope and almost my thoughts. I tell folks all the time that he's not perfect but what is the alternative. I guess black folks really was believing the comics when they said when we get a nigga in the white house he gon be sittin on dubs, yadda yadda, you know the rest. But yeah, I think overall he's got our best interest in mind and he's not doing a bad job.

I know people who voted for Bush in the re-election, baffled but glad they did bc as a result we got 'Bama

PenDragon said...

Blacks are never happy! Yeah I think. They think he was just going to fix everything with no type of obstacles. I guess they thought the biggest task was just getting elected. That was only part of the challenge.