Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Catch Team Arson Music Group holding it down this Friday @ 12 AM LIVE on WEAA 88.9 FM Strictly Hip-Hop.

Stay Tuned



Peat said...

I missed this last night, but I came to say I definitely slept on the Homerun Mixtape.

Good work, Drag.

PenDragon said...

Thanks homie. Question though...why'd you sleep on it?

Peat said...

Mainly bc it's sooooooooooo much music out there and no time to really listen to it all, and you know, you pick and choose, and it just took me a second to get to you. And since I started checking out your blog, I had it on deck and finally got around to listening.

I mean, I've checked out your video's in the past and listened to what Gov't Names post on you, and to be honest "The Rain" was a turn off, but finally listening to your mixtape and it's dope. Caught me off guard. Not like I thought you couldn't rap, but I guess I was expecting subpar beats and more of the "The Rain" but I was surprised.

The production is FRESH! Still don't dig "The Rain" or the track with Articulate but the rest is pretty damn dope, I liked it a lot.

About to get into the 24 mixtape, hoping it's as good.

PenDragon said...

Rainin In Baltimore is an odd record usually people go ham over it...some not even from Baltimore and then some others just hate it. Ah well I don't expect everybody to like everything I do. I do though appreciate the feedback homie.