Friday, January 15, 2010

Maybach Music 2

Awhile ago the homie BEX asked to kick something over that Maybach Music 2...the homies Sage, Artic, & James Vegas spit crazy to it -- Let's Go!!
Download It Here

Cool Kids



Peat said...

The first dude killed it(he should have wrote Ross' verse), your verse came in second, the middle was indistiguishable.

IUt's a long ride, too, that's the only reason I ain't DL it.

PenDragon said...

thanks -- whats "IUt's" ??

Peat said...

IUt's is long for "it's", meaning the song is pretty damn long and gets tedius near the end.

PenDragon said...

yeah it's like 7 damn minutes -- no hook woulda been better -- but im just a guy.