Monday, December 7, 2009

Moissanite -- For the frugal rapper in you

Man these rappers. This game is 90% show people. These dudes lives not real and the jewelry is def not real!! Moissanite is a synthetic material made and is also referred to as silicon carbide. Though Moissanite is a far better grade quality than cubic zirconia. Diamond cost $4565 compared to Moissantite at $735 still expensive but you see the difference.

Ya Munkeyyyy!


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Anonymous said...

Yo. Don't get the idea wrong about moissanite. It's a unique fine jewel, not some kinda wanna be like CZ. Moissanite is the real deal ! And it gives you bigger bling for the cha-ching. Diamond is too old school, moissanite is way cool.