Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Red Line

MTA (Maryland Transit Authority) has this brilliant idea to have another train line going from East to West. It would be like the Light Rail which goes North to South. But my only complaint is this.....If you can't get the Light Rail which has been in operation for about 15 years to run correctly how are you going to accomplish this?? The line is supposed to start in the Security Blvd area and end around Canton. To which many people are opposing the MTA tearing up Canton to put in a rail system. I'm about progress and I say do what you have to do. Baltimore needs more advances to catch up with other major cities and a better transportation system would be a big thumbs up in the long run.

My whole issue with the new line is, the old line ( the Light Rail) still has plenty of issues to work out. The frequency of trains going to certain destinations is pretty bad, they just finished double tracking areas of the path that the train travels on, so that other trains don't have to wait almost 15mins at times until the other train passes. If the train is down for whatever reason (usually hitting somebody or running into walls) there is no communication to the people waiting for a train to come that the line is down. You usually have to hear it from other people that are walking to the shuttle stop that the train isn't coming. The thing that I don't get is, almost every station has a intercom system and the MTA could broadcast a message to the Stations if they wanted to...they just don't.

I've often wondered why we can't seem to get our transit system right and why the MTA doesn't hire some engineer from Japan to figure out a better way to operate business, seeing as how the train systems in Japan seem to run pretty awesome.

Crowded, Late, Cold, Tired --- the Future of waiting on the Red Line



Peat said...

It all boils down to money.

Back when the metro was built, there were originally 5 or 6 lines planned, but in the middle of digging(literally) they scrapped all but the one line we have.

Apparently, there are still partially dug tunnels, one I hear is under York Rd and one to Security.

They just decided WHILE building they didn't want to spend the money and the line we have is all we 'need'.

This is hearsay from folks that been at MTA for ages, i work there so I hear things.

Anyway, the announcement thing should change. A big priority from our new administrator is the exchange of Info to the public, so hopefully it'll improve. But any improvement, train wise, would be a plus MO.

And the Red Line will go from that useless park and ride lot at the beginning of 70 to Bayview Med Ctr. Half the Canton uproar is less about aesthetics and more about not making their community so accessible to the undesirible(NIGGAS!)lol

PenDragon said...

That's very insightful -thank you Peat