Sunday, December 13, 2009

NFL Update pt. 1

With this NFL season coming closer to an end, we have seen the mighty fall and the unlikely rise. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the reigning Champs but of recent they are struggling for a WildCard spot. While the Cincinnati Bengals are dominating the Division, the Browns and just hanging around waiting for the season to end. The Lions re still horrible even with the new uniforms, Quarterback and Logo. The Rams haven't been in serious contention since the mid 90's. And with the addition of Back up QB Kyle Boller they definitely aren't going anywhere. The Seahawks are a weird team because on paper they seem great but they never really rack up big wins and seem to just disappear mid-way through the season. T.J. Houshmandzadeh must bang his head against a wall everyday.

To me the MVP race is between 2 QB's and that's Brett Farve ( The Wrangler) and Drew Brees. While I love the passion and the quality of play Brett gives to the game, this award has to go to Drew Brees. He puts up big numbers every game, he is the spirit and lifeline of his team and had a great season last year, to which Farve fell apart toward the end of the season. The Titans Head Coach Jeff Fischer finally woke up 6 losing games into the season and realized that he had another QB, and a good one too. Vince Young rallied the team to a 5 game win streak until meeting up with the Colts and receiving their first loss with Young's QB lead.

Part 2 coming soon


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