Monday, December 21, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen

Let me first start by saying I like the film...with that being said this might have been the most thought out dumbest movie I've ever seen. If the character played by Gerard Butler wants to be mad at anybody it should be himself...he just opened the door and didn't even see who it was. Great now your family is murdered. He has Jamie Foxx as his lawyer and Jamie just wants a high winning record to make himself look good, so instead of going to trial they make a plea deal and the guys that murdered the family gets about 7-10 yrs. Fast forward 10 yrs one of the dudes gets lethal injection (that goes wrong) and the other one (the one that actually raped and murdered the women) is set free. So Gerard Butler's character goes on a killing spree and gets caught on purpose to serve his brand of justice to prove that the system is corrupt.

Let me just break down my dislike about this film.
1 - Who just opens the door??
2 - They would not entertain his demands whatsoever.
3 - At the cemetery it was about 7 lawyers funerals so I'm pretty sure given the circumstances security would have been on extreme high alert, so your telling me this guy built a (what looked like a killer Johnny 5) moving 50 cal tank and nobody noticed?? -- RIGHT! --
4 - I honestly don't think any attorney is that smart. If this guy had money tied up through an overseas company and bought various properties they would be stuck... the movie gets out of it by saying that the lawyer chick called in a favor to some guy...huh yeah.
5 - If Gerard Butler's character was so brilliant why didn't he have better security for the property that he was running the tunnel out of?? It should have been rigged to blow up if anybody else set foot in the building.
6- Why did he let himself get caught in the 1st place? It's obvious that he could have killed all of those people whenever he wanted what was the real point.
7 - It's no way Jamie Foxx as a lawyer would be playing detective jumping around town like Batman - that's the Polices job. If that was the case they would give everybody that passed the Bar Exam a badge when they completed it.

I think there are still a few more but I digress. With all that said it was still better than Eagle Eye.




Markel said...

scruff mcgruff hahahahaha yea bro you have a point me and pop was talking a while ago if he was tht smart why didnt he have a peep hole or a video monitor at the door

peat said...

Good review, I kind of want to see it now.

PenDragon said...

Thanks Peat