Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Box

OK so your wife ( Cameron Diaz) finds a box wrapped outside your door left by a strange car pulling away from your home....and she takes it in the house - we will record this as mistake number 1. She opens the packaging - clearly mistake number 2, the box in fact contains another box that has a locked glass enclosed button. There is also a note within the box that states "Mr. Steward Will Arrive @ 5:00 pm. At this point you should be scarred shit-less! So right on time Mr. Steward comes to the house and is this older man with half his face burned - and if you had any shit left you would shit yourself again just from his appearance. Mr. Steward states that if you press the button you will receive a Million dollars, but someone that your DON'T know will die. You have 24 hours to decide and you can't tell anyone -- except her husband played by James Marsden. So they talk about it when he gets home. The school that she works for is about to cut tuition for her son and the husband didn't get the promotion he was hoping for. So fueled by those two things the wife presses the button --- Mistake number 3!!! I'll be damned if Mr. Steward didn't come back with a briefcase full of money...things from here on out get extremely weird and complicated and leaves you in a state of WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!! The first half hour of the movie moves slow but I guess it's necessary to build the story. The ending --- ehhh. This seems like it could have played out better as a Mini-Series on ABC rather than one almost 2 hour long movie. It makes you think but just confuses you way more.



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