Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yin and Yang of Shaq's - Shaq - Fu

The horrible story of 5 year old Shaniya Davis touched many as a terrible ordeal and a horrific end to a child's life. Big Shaq Diesel steps in and offers to pay for the girl's funeral costs. And while we can do nothing but applaud his generosity we also must question his damn ethics. Late last month it was discovered that Big Shaq Diesel was messing around with fellow NBA Star Gilbert Arenas' fiance. WORD! Damn Big Shaq Diesel you just got off the hook messing with some chick that was put in the "Looney Bin" who said that you were stalking her. Now you turn around and pull this stunt. I know you're the man Big Shaq Diesel but wtf are you thinking about?? People were already thinking that Gil was "soft" now you running around with the man's fiance. Man and Gil's fiance who he has kids with is a terrible bitch too...guess she love them balls....I mean Ballers...I mean ball players.




Don said...

Shaquille O'Neal did a great justice when he paid for the funeral of Shaniya.

That said, he doesn't turn down offers of sex from other women does he? LOL.

PenDragon said...

I guess he doesn't. That tv show he had "Shaq Vs." should have had an episode where it was a bunch of women called Shaq Vs. temptation. The man woulda lost that one!