Monday, December 28, 2009

Chip Tha Ripper - The Cleveland Show

Even though the character drawn on the car looks suspect ( uncross your cartoon legs and take off that weird ring...who approved that??) Cleveland rapper Chip tha Ripper may have created near Drake like buzz around his mixtape. Buzz yes ....after effect not the same though. Chip's voice sounds like Biggie's, but he rhymes like a slower Bone Thug N Harmony member / Kid Cudi / somebody else but not that important. The mixtape is good...but it suffers from too many damn songs. It has 27 tracks -- thats like a double disc!! It's all original tracks, but after about the 14th song I need a break. 10 of those songs could be taken off of this and it could be repackaged as an actual album in stores and be pretty decent. My favorite tracks are the collab between Curren$y, Big Sean and Chuck Inglish (on the beat) "Fat Raps" everybody goes hard on this! "Dear Hip-Hop" ft. Naledge and 6th Sense is another banger. The absolute gem on this CD (well at least to me) is "Whaddup Bum" this is a stand out and if he can make songs of this caliber for an album I'll be a fan.

Download it Here

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