Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Creep Magic

Remember when David Blaine was cool?? Some will say yes, others will say he never was. But David Blaine used to do real magic. He started the revamping of the new age magicians. The stuff he was doing was so different and fresh. And you felt a connection with him and the people b/c it was on the street. No smoke and mirrors, or girls in leotards..even though its nothing wrong with that at all. Even if the stuff he was doing was staged at least it was friggen magic. Since about 2003 he hasn't been doing anything but these ridiculous stunts. Standing on a pillar for a week...dumb....Being in ice for a week..Encino Man dumb....being underwater for a week...Aquaman dumb. Now he is going to hang upside down for 60 hours. It should be over today, but truth is nobody really cares. Hang upside down all week Batman if that s what you want to do..but while your hanging up their Air Jordan, remember that you used to do real magic that people cared about and they were truly entertained by, now its like watching a reel of "Stupid Human Tricks" from the Late Show.

David Lame


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