Sunday, December 28, 2008


From the guys that brought you "300" and "Sin City" now they bring you ...ahhh...something else. The Spirit is a hero of a crook ridden city. Unsure of his origin he stops crime, gets shot, stabbed, dies, comes back to life and heals all in the same day. The movie is visually creative but the dialogue and some of the situations were just corny. Samuel L. Jackson is a villain by the name of "The Octopus." Eva Mendes plays jewel thief "San Serif," and Scarlett Johannson plays the Octopus' assistant "Lace & Floss." Its got plenty of eye candy but deep it is not. It sorta wonders off a bit too and you get lost in the babble of the Spirits monologue at times. Rent it for the babes!

The Spirits Got Soul But Its No Soldier


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