Monday, September 29, 2008

The Watcher

Ok I dig Shia but this movie was a little too much B.S. The whole identical twin thing has been done to death and its never done well. The movie doesn't make sense in many places. Why did "it" pick this random chicks son's trumpet to be the trigger? Why didn't someone just unplug the friggen computer the movie woulda been over. This guy saves the f'ing country and all this chicks gives him is a peck on the cheek?? This movie was about 30 too long. I was with it for a long time, but it just kept going and going and..well you get it. It was just alitttle too out of the realm of what I thought I was going to be about, then I just didn't hold up after that. So this guys dead brother is the only one who knows something is wrong?? It took a chick from the Air Force to look at the video and realize he was using Morse code??? And this computer can see everywhere in the world except for behind this wall where the fire extinguisher is??? Ummm yeah. This had a good premise just executed wrong.

Eye on the Sparrow


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