Monday, October 6, 2008

Flacco's A Wacko

Man I don't know if these guys are gluttons for punishment or if they just don't have with it takes. Don't get me wrong both this week and last weeks games were down to the wire and they were pretty brutal games. But when your offense (still) can't score (Kyle Boller is loving it!!) and your defense is fairly undisciplined, and tired by the 4th quarter you are not going to win ball games. Sure the 15 yard penalty they gave to Suggs was lame but, the Ravens were saved already by the 1st interception being called back. At the end of the day Flacco is still a rookie and makes rookie mistakes, but I'd still take him over Boller. Matt Stover also lost the game as well for the team. It was a 45 yard field goal, Matt Stover USED to be able to make those in his sleep. He has been inconsistent for a while now, and I think his time is running short. This team had the possibility to be a 4-0 team, losing the last two games by a total of 6 points. Perhaps they can get there act together and rally for the rest of the season, even though their schedule just gets harder and harder.

Who's house is really Ray, who's house is it?


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thevoice said...

Pro sports are fixed. Watching the Ravens is like watching the O's. It is like watching "Groundhog Day." Ray has to go. They need a real QB and a real wide out.