Monday, December 29, 2008

7 Pounds

The homie Al Shipley put out the years best list ( in his opinion). Your man DRAG made it to #7.

"7. PenDragon - I Got Hits 4 Cheap: Draggy Baby Edition (Team Arson) It's funny, Drag is one of these guys that gets on my nerves for calling himself the "king" of the city and this and that, but he also gets my respect for totally watching everyone's moves and sizing up the competition (he's always sending me links to other people's videos and music before know about them). And really between his production skills, and the heart and intelligence and humor that come across in his music, he has as much of a chance at making a run at the title as anyone these days, in my opinion. Not that I think there is a title, or that there should be. "

Now do I agree with 7th place. Hell no. I figured 410 Pharaohs was gonna get #1 cause they are on that Baltimore Shit! A lil club, a lil hip-hop. #2 is Brown Fish's "Bootleg III: F.I.S.H. & Friends... The Mixtape," which Al even says isn't a mixtape or an album. #3 is a compliation of songs from the Wire. "Beyond Hamsterdam: Baltimore Tracks from The Wire," so once again some Baltimore shit. Honestly from the cover alone I shoulda got #1. But I digress, I'm sounding Kanye-ish. I appreciative of Al even having a list or caring enough to put one together let alone putting me on it. I'm just saying.

Why er'body hate I say I'm "KING." I mean it!!


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