Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Metalocalypse is a show that comes on Adult Swim. It's oddly one of my favorite shows. I don't necessarily like Metal music, but the music on the show is mildly entertaining (when you can hear it). The group these 5 guys form is DethKlok and they are pretty retarded. The sudden rapid flashes of light that occur when they play can easily give a seizure to anyone that doesn't blink quick enough to snap out of the trance. The story line of weird..they are like the Metal version of Bill and Ted's group the "Wyld Stallions." Their music saves the world...but also destroys it...Many agencies try to kill the group, but their fans will kill anyone who trys. The band also has a huge army of soldiers...but are really pretty aloof to the entire scope of things. How do they pack all this in a 10 minute show...??? Hell if I know but I'm glad they do.

Rock On


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