Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Now this here was a good movie that I didn't think was gonna be a good movie. What made it good was the semi-realism of it. This was a depiction of what would probably happen if you took up a life of crime fighting. You'd get stabbed, beaten, and maybe even set on fire. This is another movie on Nick Cage's "I Need to Get My Money Back" Tour because this is about the 17th movie he has lined up. It still had it's over the top moments. But of course it's a big budget movie so that is to be expected. I think the R rating is what killed it in the theater, anybody thinking that this was going to be a kid friendly movie is VERY WRONG! Simulated teen sex, a bunch of violence and a foul mouth 11 year old girl makes the Movie Fone guy say "Rated R." I think this made enough money to make a sequel and it ended in such a way that McLovin will take control of the Evil Empire. He is just so nerdy and squirrely it'll be interesting to see him pull it off.

Since The Face Been Revealed Game Got Real


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