Monday, June 28, 2010

Bernie Madoff

I understand that good ole Bernie ripped off a lot of people for a lot of money, but what is the sense of throwing him in jail for 175 years (literally)?? The people that he "stole" from will still never get their money back and now tax payers have to pay for him to survive for the rest of his life. I think it would be a much better decision to have made him write a book about his life and enterprise and make the proceeds go to the families that he "schemed." I don't really feel sorry for the people though honestly. What were his credentials based on?? Did these people know other people who actually attained more money off investments through Bernie? And why give him so much money that if you lost it you would be completely broke?? Sounds like greed to me. For that matter they might as well went to Vegas and hit the Craps tables, because investments and the stock market is nothing except gambling anyway.

This is a great story. Bernie Madoff is a criminal mastermind and all you can do is throw him in jail?? He should be teaching at Universities. Talk about The Art Of Seduction, Robert Greene should be taking notes. Madoff seduced many people out of millions!!! So if he isn't the Master Seducer I can name no other. He clearly has a way with people if they trusted him with all of their money, so much that it's like they saw him as their Savior or some type of Higher Power.

People give their money to churches and Religious organizations all the time with no return, earning Pastors and Reverend millions. So Madoff's only fault is that he promised them profit?? Did he really promise them that, or was it simply implied that the investment that he made on their behalf would turn a profit? Either way why in THEE HELL would you give anybody that much money? There is certainly something to be learned here and now we are being cheated out of knowing what made him Seducer/swindler ever.

Dollar Dollar Bill Ya'll


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Peat said...

Funny thing, I thought I'd hear more Madoff references in rap.

I know if I was still rapping I would have made one, it's sooooooooooo easy how I 'made off like Madoff' lol