Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Women Are Women's Biggest Haters

Ciara put out this fine video a few months back and Deb banned it from her lovely station that promotes nothing but wholesome kid friendly acts and family values. What's so bad about this video that is worse than the ones that they do play??? There is only one woman in the video, as opposed to the 15 to 20 or so in others. Sure the song is pretty suggestive BUT in her previous video with Justin Timberlake they were actually touching one another in a sexual manner, Luda never really touches on her in a sexual way. Deb also banned Teirra Mari's ( I don't care if I missed spelled it) video earlier this year! This is backwards to me, I don't understand the criteria in which she deems one video "ok" and another a "fail." Added bonus!! -- It was cool though to show Diddy and other celebs drinking on TV after your awards show?? To the point where there was complete chaos and disarray --- Drunk rich people yeah that's cool! But when you're the HBWIC I guess you really don't have to explain anything to anyone huh?!



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