Friday, June 4, 2010

Rampage No Action Jackson

I'm glad that I don't order these things. I thought this was gonna be the biggest most brutal fight of the year but instead it turned out to be a one sided boring bout. 3 rounds of Rashad Evans sticking and moving while Rampage just looks bewildered. When he was coming to the ring I was like "uh oh." He looked....well, not ready. The fire that is usually in his eyes just wasn't there. Maybe it was all the time off to shoot the A-Team. After the loss he did say that "ring rust" was a factor and that he wanted a rematch. I hope he learns from this's either Hollywood or the Ring. You see The Rock left that shit alone. Maybe it's time for Rampage to roll out. And I know that this was his first big loss but it was just such a poor performance. He just wasn't there the whole match. Go get that movie money homie, I'm not mad.

That's a PowerBomb Joe Rogan


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