Thursday, June 17, 2010

Police -- The Final Frontier

Question...was she wrong for getting punched in the face
Was she wrong to get punched in the face by a male Officer...YES

This is a classic case just can't win this one. The Officer should have called a female Officer for aid and assistance with these girls. The other girl had no business jumping in and made the matter worse. We just can't have people beating up the Police. Anything that the Officer did in some eyes would have been seen as "excessive force." And I hate when people try to play the race card esp. in situations were the party in question was wrong. It's like crying wolf. So seeing "Reverend" Al Sharpton on the Today Show saying that this incident could have been racial motivated, is another reason why my generation looks at Al as a buffoon and an opportunist.

When the "Don't Tase Me Bro," guy got tasered for simply asking a question, where was Al then. He didn't want an uprising then and that was a complete out-of-hand situation. When this high school kid got tased on the Baseball field .... no Al. So it either seems that Al is only concerned when things happen to Black people almost making him a racist as well.

Fuck Al Sharpton ---Fuck Racism ---Fuck Jaywalking!!


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