Monday, July 28, 2008

Why So Serious??

Because you just made 300 mill in 10 days....damn! With that said, I'm sure much of that was b/c people wanted to see the last performance of Heath Ledger. And what a performance it was. The entire movie was spectacular. The cast all played their roles brilliantly. Sure the movie was long, but there was never a slow point. From start to finish it was a fantastic story. The new versions of Batman are great. They actually make Gotham feel like a real city, instead of a movie set. These movies feel real, instead of the cartoonish feel of Batman & Robin and Batman Forever took on. Christian Bale is (too me) the best (young) Batman. The Joker is menacing, entertaining, and amazing. This time around, 2 Face was much better than the cartoon character that Tommy Lee Jones played. Could do without Maggie Gyllenhall completely, just not my swag. Hoping they do the Riddler next!...the right way.

Vicki Vale


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