Friday, August 1, 2008


Why is it that when other rappers endorse up and coming rappers people are supposed to care. OK so I bite...Kanye has this dude Kid Cudi on his site. I'm like hmmmm maybe this dude is dope.....nope...wrong....I spend 20 minutes downloading dudes mixtape and every song sounds the same...not in a Rick Ross kinda way, but in an ultra weird... I'm kinda rapping, missing some bars, singing, creepy kinda way. Then...then this dude Izza Kizza (what the hell is going on with the names???) This dude is on Timbaland's label. Raps like he has schizophrenia...I'm like fella calm down, I don't know what the hell your talking about. And whats up with these new "trendy" artists they all sound like crap. I guess they are the answer to the Jeezy's and the Fabolous' but in there own little "different" world. It's like these dudes are so different the music is lost. I honestly don't get these guys. I'd rather listen to Jeezy or Fab at least I know where they are coming from. But still its like they all either sound like Kanye or Lupe but don't quite execute it right. Think outside the box, but stay inside building please.

I'm Confused


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