Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Black Super Man

Finally its a black superhero movie that people can actually sit through. Through a conversation with Ms. Belton, she said that she was not really moved to see "Hancock" and used the examples of "BlankMan" as why she shouldn't. BlankMan came out 14 yrs ago and was more of a comedy than a viable superhero film. Also, Meteor Man which came out in 1993 which was a more serious film but Hollywood was not truly behind it, and the climate of Hollywood was much different. Not to say that Hancock is a role model or is an upstanding citizen with great morals, but imagine if you were a superhero. At least Hancock has real dude problems. Cause i'm sure saving people at 4am isn't the most fun thing in the world. Getting shot at constantly, no pay, always being scrutinized for your actions...etc. The movie which made 107 million in 4 days also got bad reviews. Sure some things could have been explained further, and at times it made no sense....but does X-Men make sense...no....Spider-Man ...no....SuperMan....hell no. Hopefully this will open the door for more good black super hero movies. Black Panther?? Luke Cage hopefully thats good..too bad its got something to do with prison....ahh well. Its a step I guess. Please don't make a Storm movie...ever.

Up Up and Away


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