Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Old Folks...Worst Week Ever

Old people are having the WORST WEEK EVER...for me.

1st this old lady started work this week outta nowhere...she is feisty too...but she's cool. But how bout hire some young hot chicks huh...thanks.

2nd... this old drunk dude walks up to me and asks,"can i talk to you."
A) Ayooooooo
B) Gimmie A Break..I'm not giving you change.
C) I'm kinda in a hurry brah...

"I say not really," and I keep on stepping. Dude goes off...he's like "not really?" "not really?" "you getting smart?" blah blah blah drunken rant.

If somebody saw me talking to a drunken fool am I no more than he. He is not family or friend, just some old drunk dude, no knowledge to gain, only time to lose...keep on moving.

The 3rd one I can't seem to remember but it was one....a good one too. Ah well.

Centrum Silver


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