Friday, July 4, 2008

Thus Ending Game Week

The Best game site (to me) is It has thousands of games, has a game of the week feature every week, lets you earn badges and points, and has an online card game (whenever it's finished). The game of the week features new badges and cards upon completion of certain tasks. It has online chat, shows the top scores of the game you are currently playing, lets you learn about new games and gives you incentive to play old games to receive the badges and points.

Simply The Best



Jim Greer said...

Hey glad you like our site. See you on Kong!

- Jim Greer
CEO, Kongregate

Jim Greer said...

Hey what's your username on Kongregate? I'm jimgreer - add me as a friend and I'll see you online.

PenDragon said...

Yeah we all play on Kongregate. Thanks for checking out my Blog. My user name is Danielsunz1.