Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lame Music Issue

It's Wednesday so of course I grab my City Paper...but no no no...this isn't any regular Wednesday its the Big Music Issue!!! Woohoowaitwait wait wait.....this sucks! This is the size of a regular issue. There is only one article of interest and thats by the homie Al Shipley. Where are the new artists? where is the new music? where are the CD's I should look for if I like a certain genre? who's the best MC? best rock band? who has the best live show? There were only 2 articles in the paper that I really remember...Al's and another on Bachata a style of Latin music. I really flipped through the whole paper getting to the end in disbelief. This is it?!? Really this is what they have been advertising since March?! And speaking of the about the people...the poor poor people that paid hundreds of dollars for their AD's to be in this issue knowing that people would read this issue over and over flipping thru it for at least 4 days. Not even, I barely got thru the damn thing. I'm not sure what's going on over there but I'm sure lots of people aren't happy.



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