Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mamma Mia

1st your thinking why is DRAG writing about Mamma Mia. Honestly, I am too kinda. I'm not really from that world where I am well versed in musicals, and I'm pretty glad about that. From my understanding Mamma Mia is about a daughter that wants to know who her father is. Her mother doesn't know for sure, but has 3 candidates. All of this goes on the the theme of ABBA's greatest hits. This is one of the most anticipated musicals of the year. Ok cool.
Now lets flip it and make the cast all black. How many protests and Jesse Sharpton (yes Jesse Sharpton...they should have surgery to merge into one person.) speeches would we have to sit through. Jesse would wanna cut the director's nuts off. The NAACP would call it buffoonery, Oprah would frown upon the open promiscuity of the character, and claim that its an attack on the perception of black women. And it would probably still do half decent at the box office. But look at all it had to go through.
That said to say this. Black people put all this extra pressure on ourselves, we scrutinize US. WE make a big deal of things that other people probably aren't even paying attention too. Or at least they weren't...until we point it out and make a big deal of it. Enjoy.

That's a spicy meatball


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