Thursday, August 12, 2010


Bravo's series WORK OF ART aired the finally last night with the winner being Adbi Farah a 23 year old Baltimore and Philadelphia native (and secret son of Puff Daddy). This show gave artists around the country a chance to show their talent through multiple challenges and exercises. The winner would receive 100,000. Abdi won over the judges with his depiction of urban life and the decay and desolation that can come of that environment. One of the show's other artists Miles was a wild character. He would go to sleep before challenges, read a whole book before a challenge and even made cement buttholes...yeah cement buttholes!!

This show displayed great challenges, good artists and creativity that is way beyond the average reality show that airs the same nonsense over and over. Hopefully this show keeps going and shines light on all different types of artists.

China Chow


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