Tuesday, August 31, 2010


First of all congratulations for the #1 movie in the country title! This movie was supposed to come out in 2008, (notice in the movie they keep referring to the 04 heist and saying it happened 4 years ago) but do to certain actions from T.I and Young Breezy the movie was put on hold.

Now with that out of the way. This movie had a lot of promise, until after it was over and I had realized that it left me with an empty feeling. Not empty like A Serious Man empty, but under developed plot line empty. These guys do big jobs for big money and are very good at what they do. They are very well connected, use high tech methods and have a set of rules and guidelines that they follow. Rule 1. No contact if any members get locked up. Rule 2. Wait a year between jobs. T.I.'s character comes home early and presents his former partners with a job. They accept...Rule #2 BROKEN!

Matt Dillion plays a police Officer that is investigating a bank job that they just did. Neglects his kid and pretty much ruins his life in the process. The action was good, the story and how the events played out left me a bit baffled. So lets begin.

1. Police aren't that smart. Point blank LA, NY, TX, FL.
2. What are the chances that the Jamaicans Matt and his partner went to bust were under surveillance and in that same room is where they kept the money?
3. What was the point of Idris Elba's sister? She actually served no point to the development to the story. It was a waste of 15 minutes of time that could have been used elsewhere, like showing the actual 04 heist that they kept referring too.
4. If you had a crack head sister, and you didn't want her to stay at your place for various reasons why would you even let her know where you live in the first place?
5. Given Rule #1 (no contact if caught) wouldn't you still keep tabs on the guy locked in? Esp if none of them trusted him and since they seemed so smart. He got home like a year early, you would think they would be prepared for that.
6. When the shit hit the fan. Chris Brown (21) was running, jumping, flipping, hurdling through all sorts of buildings and obstacles, but sleep deprived (maybe alcoholic) Matt Dillion (46) and his partner were right behind him???

The movie was semi entertaining though for the most part. A couple of "didn't expect that" moments made the film a bit more enjoyable.

Taken not Stirred


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