Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wyclef 4 Prez!

Wyclef has been in the forefront of aiding Haiti way before the earthquake leveled the entire country. He has always given his time, money and voice to help in the development of the Haitian people. So with the Haitian election coming up --- why not let this guy run for office?? I mean could Haiti get worse under his guidance? It's was for the most part a 3rd world country and after the Earthquake it's more like a wasteland. If the guy wants to run...let him run! Sean Penn....shut the fuck up. You don't live there, and you are not knowledgeable enough to even talk about this man's contributions??? What's your beef? What's your solution?? Wyclef isn't just some insert your face here celebrity that shows up on TV gets a check and then rolls out. He is consistently there for his people and his country.

And who knew the "nail in the coffin" to the Fugees reunion (if there was every really going to be a such thing) would come from Pras. I thought Pras and Clef were actually cousin then the second this President stuff starts happening Pras puts his 5 cents in and starts squealing like a pig. Said they aren't really cousins AND that he doesn't think he is fit to be President of Haiti. Damn, first off where did they find Pras?? Nobody has seen him since Mya and OBD made him semi - famous'er. Then he pops up out of has been thin air and gives his disapproval and denounces being related. Boy with friends/family like know the rest. They are both Haitian. So where was Pras when the earthquake happened and people needed help?? Exactly. Let the man try to represent and recover his country!

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Peat said...

We are >here< Pras came out of nowhere to say a lot of nothing. Wyclef has had his charity(which all harbor corruption if you ask me) and had repeatedly done free concerts and all types of sh!t in Haiti.

And who other than 'Clef??? A BS politician with 'agendas' and not really the best interest of the country.

PenDragon said...

precisely!! I dont think it can really get worse ( i know it could but im saying) atleast give him a chance