Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Time For The Circulator

You know this was a good idea, too bad Sheila got canned before ppl could see how great it really is. I have no idea how the route were picked or why but this buses seem to cover a large area of the greater Downtown district. Going Green Campaign >>> Gift Cards (i know it was more to it) in my opinion but hey I'm just a guy. These buses are always packed and a more and more diverse sets of ppl are using this mode of transport. Really a great idea. Now if only they could make downtown not smell like sewage. That would be progress!!!




Peat said...

It's an AWESOME idea. Take the money from the parking tax hike and give folks a free bus to....getarounddowntown.

And it's working....GREAT!!!!

On the flipside, I read into Veolia, who the City gave the contract to run the bus. They are a worldwide company that does transportation all over the place, plus they have their hands in more lucrative businesses. They are scheming. They are trying to take over public transportation in general. They already are contracted in New Orleans and they are looking to get other areas. I think here, they are just trying to outsmart MTA, whom employs me, but it's all good. I'm all for it.

PenDragon said...

Yeah man its a great idea and its working well