Friday, March 12, 2010

The Hurt Locker

Ok first off, good Film....An Academy Award winning film??? Nawh! The Hurt Locker follows the 3 members EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Bravo Unit. On a mission to disarm an IED (improvised explosive device) the specialist was killed by a Terrorist using a remote detonator. In comes Staff Sergeant William James played by Jeremy Renner. He's not much of a Team Player, but he knows his stuff and Colonel Reed played by David Morse described his style as "Hot Shit" and delivered the best lines in the movie in his 30 second air-time. But most of the film is about this dude being an asshole and almost getting himself and his team killed numerous times. Anthony Mackie plays Sergeant JT Sanborn a hard as nails soldiers whose biological clock is ticking. There's a 3rd guy in it but he is pretty annoying throughout the film...then I started thinking is something going on with him and the Doctor?? This movie has plenty of "I saw that coming" moments but nothing really over the top or ground-breaking. It's an OK War movie but definitely nowhere near the best. This movie does give you an interesting look at this Branch of the Military and the extremely intense work that they put in. And does give you a fucked up feeling inside when you see Sergeant James go home on leave and experience just how regular these soldiers live. Instead of being welcomed to a huge house, he lives in a small place and has to clean the gutters out. These soldiers fight everyday and risk life and limb and come home to reap no rewards. While America basically gives away money and prizes on TV Game shows everyday. The movie gives a good look at Soldier life in the War and our priorities as a Society (briefly) but not the best I've ever seen. See it. Think about it. Don't give it an Oscar.

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