Monday, March 29, 2010

What Did She Say??

First off who the hell is this guy?? 2nd when I heard this song I damn there slipped into depression. I mean all producers go through it, samples are free for the world to discover. I had the sample and made a beat out of what Just Blaze used for "Exhibit C" for like 3 + yrs. It happens. My girl was in the other room and I heard the sample and was confused..."did I send her the beat?" "did I post it somewhere and forget?" Nawh son! Enter J.R. Rotem. This dude has baffled me for like 3 years now. When he first came out his Hip-Hop beats were hardly memorable, than he did a lot of pop stuff for Brittney Spears. Next thing you know he comes hard (pause) with the Rick Ross track "The Boss" or whatever its called. Doing joints for Freeway and 50 Cent ( I like that song regardless of how much ppl hate it) ...never mind that Sean Kingston come up crap. My problem with the song is that it's stupid. He cheated on a chick while he was broke and promised her that when he gets famous he won't ever do it again and they will be living the f'ing high life....Ehhh??? C'mon son, Fuck outta here with that Bullshit.
The beat is nice though. I used more elements of the sample in my version but still a good composition nonetheless (why is that one word?)....I mean to anyone's credit the sample was just floating around for a while, I first heard it on The OC (hell yeah I used to watch The OC ... do something) and SNL made a digital short of the scene in The OC with Shia Lebuf and the song played constantly in the sketch. So time got me on that one. But I still like my version and I am probably still gonna use it.

Hoping I was gonna tell you what the sample was or post my version...get outta here!




Peat said...

You SHOULD post your version, I's already out there, go for it.

Anywho, I haven't even heard the song and I just read about the dude in XXL(yes, I am bored at work, VERY bored.) Nonetheless (yeah, WHY is that one word???) I guess I have to wait to get home to look for that song to hear it.

Hopefully you will have posted your version when i get there.

PenDragon said...

Imma tweak it now though that I am thinking about it again

D said...

I've heard the original song by Emogen, and after hearing this song, its straight garbage son... I mean they could've easily done something better with this sample... Dude just sounds like a cookie-cutter cat who just got a deal to put words on a beat to sell... And I'm not trying to hate at all, but when crumbs are put on the table, I'm not gonna tell you it's a turkey on the table, ya know? I wasn't impressed by the joint...

Another thing that kills me is the fact that how people clown these artists (Emogen) for the music they make, but then years down the road those same cats take that which was clowned and attempt to make it better... It first started with rock music, then techno, and even Bmore club music to a degree... And the killer part is that dudes don't even make tight beats with the joint they just sampled... But that's just my thoughts though... Drag save me from the garbage I hear on the radio!!!