Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wale -ft. Pharrell Let It Loose * Hand Me Downs*

I dig Wale here and there. His delivery is a bit too "rapping for rap sake" his style is designer "cool kid" his mind set seems "conscious rap head." He's got a lot going on. But this record....this record right here.....obviously wasn't for him at first. Clearly this was given to Jay-Z (or Nelly) and he passed on it and gave it to his young boy. The beat came with a great hook, a hook that you can hear a bar deleted out which probably said something like..."HOV is in the house." My prob is, It's a great beat with a great hook. That got thrown away twice! Once by Jay and again by Wale. Whatever he is rapping about has nothing to do with the hook or the feeling of the beat. The song then comes across as awkward. Dammit Man!!! I hate when good songs go bad!!!

The Firm



Peat said...

I kind of agree on Wale being all over the place.

I first heard him years ago on one of the DC stations, can't remember, but they played like ALL of his mixtape stuff and I thought he was WACK! I mean, they played that sh!t into the ground, like every popular song went off and they'd play his freestyle over the beat afterwards.

fast forward to "The Mixtape about Nothing" I was intrigued bc Seinfeld is the sh!t to me. So I dl'd it and gave him a second chance. The opening track "hmmm..." That shit with the Seinfeld theme song over some go go drums, it came out DOPE!

The rest of it followed suit, I was a fan. A near flawless mixtape if you took off the freestyle over that JayZ beat.

Then came the "Back to the Feature" mixtape with the 9th Wonder beats, ehhh, I wasn't a fan of it.

But I was still, and still listen to the miztape about nothing so I gave the album a chance hoping I'd get that feeling back.

Nope, his album had like no...umph to it. It's not terrible, but it's so...moot. It's just there, a solid piece of work, just pretty boring. I mean look at that , you can't even say train wreck, but just lame assed single. Cool and Dre got over. I would have handed that beat back to them and said no thank you.

I mean, I'm loving "The Kramer" "The Vacation" etc but there was nothing on the album really memorable, a bunch of chicks on like every hook.

Then I figured it was the gogo on the mixtape, Wale should have stuck with that BKS production.

PenDragon said...

I agree. Mixtape About Nothing and Nike Boots are what made me say "hey I kinda dig this dudes music" b/c before that I just wasn't feeling him. And then on the album I dont think the elements were there that made me like him in the 1st place. It was an ok album but it just doesnt feel right.