Monday, March 8, 2010

Drake - "Over"

This is for the homie Peat. Recently Drake released his new single "Over" from his upcoming album Thank Me Later and it hit the internets like a tidal wave. This Boi-1da produced track has a very thematic and triumphant, old school (and by that I mean late 90's...crazy right) approach to sampling almost a mix between Kanye West and Dj Toomp. And I like that Drake stuck with his producer and not one of his new industry buddies for his single. That's like me getting on and using a Neptunes beat or Timbaland beat instead of using my own, Street's, Mark Shotta's, or Blaze P's beats 1st. DRAKE ISN'T THE 2ND COMING OF JESUS!! I think once people stop putting him on a pedestal and just listen to the music everybody will be much better off in the long run. The song doesn't blow me away, but I don't think any song Drake does blows me away....what blows me away is his approach to songs. He could've went the money, girls and fame route but yet again kept it consistent and talking about his real actual life and events and feelings. Call it EmoRap if you want but what do you think ScarFace was/is...Biggie at his best "I swear to God it feels like Death is fucking callin me," Jay-Z Lucky Me, damn there all of 2pac's music. It's dealing with emotion and feelings. I think that's his allure and why people like him because in his on way he is honest. He doesn't claim to be the baddest and bus guns and kill people because he knows it isn't believable for him to pull off because you can turn on Noggin and watch Jimmy in his wheelchair on Degrassi and say "He is rich." I'm not even rich and I be looking around sometimes like "who the fuck are ya'll" so I know that when you go from the bassment to the top floor there are a whole lot of new riders on that elevator that used to take the stairs. And Ebert even likes it..."C'mon, Man" (c) Ogun. Point is...hardcore East coast rap lovers are gonna HATE it. If you like Kanye you gonna LOVE it....the clubs gonna play it cause of the hook "I'm doin meeeee, I'm doing meeee," you can just imagine all the half drunk people on the dance floor yellin' this at the top of their lungs. P.S. if I would have made that graphic for the single people woulda looked at me like I was crazy. It's so simple I love it, people over complicate things so much that it's nice to see something so simple.

Thank Me Later & AMEN



Peat said...

I ain't 'een read it yet, but thanks!

Markel said...

markshotta said when i pulled to work this morning i was playing tht and the old dude was like young money in a drakesque tone i thought tht shit was funny but i like the song the beat is crazy

Bex said...

Homie you int neva lie