Monday, January 4, 2010

Best' 09 Baltimore Videos ( to me)

Video - E - Major - Make It ft. Tia Harris
director Aaron "zu" Keeny
producer Heroes 4 Hire

Video -- Skarr Akbar, Tha Profitt & TestMe "U Think U Hard"
Director -- Tha Profitt

Video - Rainin' In Baltimore
Director - DRAG
Producer -- DRAG

These are the best Baltimore videos of 2009 to me. The editing of the first 2 and the visuals in my video are what I'm basing that on. For a local artist E- Major's video is stunning to watch and looks like it should be on MTV. I was talking to Profitt a little while ago and we talked about this video and that I was thinking about using the same effect in a video that I was going to shoot. He said it was a pain to get it to work but damn if it doesn't look nice. Profitt's grind is super strong and his video editing skills are sharp. My video is based purely on the hard visuals. The true star of it is the City Of Baltimore.



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Peat said...

Good look, wasn't aware of the Profitt joint, that song annoys me though, it's hard to watch.