Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Book Of Eli

Denzel Washington decides to take a role where he kicks peoples ass. I'm all for it. The Book Of Eli is set in a post war world where not much of anything survived, but survival is key. Eli, Denzel's character is on a path West to take the last known King James Bible to an unknown place. On his mission he meets, thieves, murderers, tyrants, and creepy old people. When he walks into a town ran by Carnegie played by Gary Oldman. Carnegie is one of the few people left that know how to read or even what a book is. He sends his goons out to retrieve books for him in hope of finding a Bible -- so there's your conflict. Of course Eli won't let Carnegie have the Bible, and so the hunt begins. Throw in Mila Kunis, and now we are having a good time. The twist at the end of the movie is set-up to make you want to see the film again to watch for inaccuracies, but to be honest the movie is so dense visually and story wise that it would be hard to sit through in a back to back viewing. I saw Iron-Man like 3 times and never had a problem with it because it had flash, light points, and difference in scenery. But this is overall so heavy that you kinda need a break. The message in the film seems to be that religion causes war and destruction when being used to control people rather than to guide, or even as art.

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