Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh Sheila!

I was gonna make a short project about the whole incident but the feeling isn't there anymore...Now let's get down to business. This week (former) Mayor of Baltimore Sheila Dixon resigned as a result of being found guilty of count 4 in her trial. This is my gripe with the whole thing, sure she seemed like an asshole and a jerk, sure she didn't tip my homeboy Jamal when he checked her in at the Airport ( or maybe it was Juan), sure I don't think she knows how to pronounce big words, but you know what, crime is down and actual progress was beginning in the city in many different areas. So she took some stuff for charity, it was wrong of course. But name me one damn politician, person of power, or anyone else for that matter that has never abused power or taken advantage of certain situations. I am in no way condoning what she did, especially for $600 in gift cards. $600 to a major city Mayor is like $6.00, so why she would take those is beyond me. Now the city is looking at its second woman Mayor Stephanie Rawlings - Blake ( who I believe blew the whistle on Dixon in the 1st place). Let's see what fun this brings!

The Greatest City In America


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Peat said...

I doubt SRB blew the whistle, this could actually ruin her career.

She is young and not tested in her 1st year as City Council Pres. When re-election time comes, I doubt she'd be elected mayor if she ran, and if she did, she can't go back so she'd just be....out of a job.

Her best bet is to just step down once the term ends.