Sunday, January 24, 2010

Conan -- Thanks NBC

Man this whole thing was a mess, but it did make for good TV. NBC did a horrible job of arranging the late night schedule after moving Conan to 11:35 for the new host duties of the Tonight Show and and giving Jay Leno a 10pm show. Getting rid of good programming at the 10pm spot such as Medium, SouthLand and NBC affiliates complaining that the local news was going to lose ratings in many areas. That all finally came to a head early last week as NBC cancelled Jay Leno's show and rumors circulated that they were going to move his show to 11:35 and it was going to be 30 mins, thusly (yeah) moving all the other late night shows back 39 minutes. The Tonight Show would actually start at 12:05 am seeming to make it the early morning show. Conan was not too happy with this decision and the war began.

All of the Late Night Hosts got in on the action. Conan at NBC, Letterman at Leno, Leno at NBC and Letterman. But at the end of it all Conan leaves the Tonight Show after 7 months. He was giving 45 million with 12 million to be divided among his staff of 200. Leno will return as the host of the Tonight Show (which I will return to not watching). Conan kept the balance in order at NBC, who were about to turn a bad idea into an even worse one. Hopefully, Conan will get a show and get back his ratings. I think Conan puts on an entertaining show and giving the right conditions he will truly shine.

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Peat said...

I heard NBC retains all of his characters, though. R.I.P Masturbating bear.

PenDragon said...

Even Triumph??