Friday, February 22, 2013

NBA Dunk Contest

NBA All - Star weekend is wayyyyyy wayyyyyy better than the NFL Pro Bowl, but the Slam Dunk contest is getting weaker and weaker by the year.  I haven't seen a good since Blake Griffen jumped over a car and that was about 3 years ago.  At this point dudes are just running out of tricks.  I'd much rather see a Streetball/Playground type of game.  Like a Rucker League Game or an AND1 game instead of the Dunk Contest.  It's boring its pointless and its a waste of time.  The big dogs like LeBron and Blake don't return to it.  It's like it's a one a done type of a deal.  BOOOOOOOOOOO!  If this was show it would have been cancelled a long time ago.  Spice it up or just get rid of it.



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